Converting Dreams to Visions

Dreaming is the life blood of people and organizations that are alive and thriving. The very nature of dreams is that they are not well defined.  They are big and fuzzy, kind of in the clouds.  As dreams start to morph and move toward reality, they become a vision. Vision is the next step of developing your dream into something.  Visions are dreams with more clarity.  Dreams only become reality when you pull them gently from the clouds and convert them to visions. 

In Proverbs, it says "Where there is no vision the people will perish."  Andy Stanley says, "a vision is a cause worth throwing your life behind." As an Entreleader, you have to share your vision early and often.  If you restate your vision constantly, the organization will begin to grow and change and continuously reflect the greater vision. 

In Dave Ramsey's book Entreleadership, he walks through the process of converting dreams to visions. In order to take a Dream out of the clouds, we must apply enough clarity that gives us a vivid picture of our desired future.  Once we can see it, that Vision will become the purpose and passion that we can throw our life behind it.   

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