High Performance Organization

In teams and organizations, there are certain driving forces that make things work.  When things are working well at North Point Ministries, Andy Stanley likes to stop and analyze the different driving forces that are making them work.  Here are 4 things that make his team what he calls a "high performance organization":

1) Select performance-oriented people that are driven by action, not just thinkers.  Once you have them, make sure they are in the best position to maximize impact. 

2) Make sure the "what" and "why" are crystal clear.  The person with the most clarity is always perceived as the leader.  Your "what" and "why" should make everyone feel a little discontent with where you are today.  

3) Organize to the "what."  Make sure the way your organization is set up supports the "what."  Otherwise you will be competing with your team.  Constantly ask yourself and team members, "What are we doing that is off purpose?" 

4) Orchestrate and evaluate everything.   You orchestrate by defining "This is how we do it here."  Make sure there is a feedback loop that ties you in to the critical events.   Identify what are the critical events, determine how you will evaluate them and determine how that info will get back to the leadership team.  This is your feedback loop.

Andy is quick to point out that what works for him may not work for everyone else.  The key takeaway is not to be like North Point Ministries, but rather identify what driving forces makes your team "high performance," and be more like that.   

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