To Do or Not To Do?

"To do or not to do?" That is often times the question when looking at potential opportunities.  This question comes up in all facets of life when we are faced with decisions such as whether or not to read a book, start a work out routine, join a small group, go after a new client or start a business.  So what is the best way to know whether or not we should decide to do something versus not?  When Entrepreneur Noah Kagan, founder of Appsumo, was asked that question he gave a great answer.  

"The only question I need to answer for myself is do I care enough about it that I won't quit when the going gets tough?  Do I care enough about it to see it through to the end?  If the answer is yes, then I proceed, if not, I don't." 

Here are a few thoughts on why this is the perfect answer to this question:

1) Caring about something deeply triggers an emotional response, which ultimately leads to passion.  This emotional connection with any task is required to see it through. 

2) Noah doesn't say "If" the going gets tough, he says "When."  Anything worthwhile will have challenges along the way so it is important to go into it with the appropriate mind set, ready to overcome them. 

3) Take the time to assess a given task to make sure it aligns with your greater goals and objectives.  If it does, it will be much easier to keep the passion fire burning. 

Noah also has an interesting way of overcoming fear that helps him progress with the initiatives that he decides to move forward with.  He calls it the "coffee challenge."  When he orders a cup of coffee, he asks for a 10% discount.  This activity is not about the $.20 he may or may not save, it is about overcoming the fear of something that is awkward and uncomfortable.  This prepares him to overcome the same fear when it is time to ask someone for their business, or ask an investor for money, or ask someone for help. When deciding to do or not to do, decide if you are willing to see it through to the end, and if so, make a habit of overcoming the inevitable fears and obstacles along the way. 

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