Say "Yes"

I’ve spent the last two weekends down in south Georgia with huge groups of friends. We hunted, rode dirt roads, shucked oysters, cooked out, sat around the fire, told stories, and all had sore cheeks from laughing so hard. On the way back, I was thinking about how much I appreciate everyone who was able to come. Whether it is choosing to go on a hunting trip, making time for dinner with friends or finding a solution to a customer’s problem, people who make a habit of saying "Yes" will have the most fun and are the most enjoyable to be around.  Here are a few thoughts on making a habit of saying "Yes":

1) When it comes to making time for friends and family, say "Yes" to the out of the ordinary experiences. This ensures you a spot on the ones that everyone will remember the most. 

2) When it comes to your customers, be the one they know will solve their problem. This means that you have a relentless dedication to say "Yes" and find a way no matter what. 

3) When it comes to chasing opportunity, stretching yourself or facing a huge challenge, say "Yes" and find a way to go after it.  

Richard Branson always says, "If someone offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it, say "Yes" - then learn how to do it later.” Next time you aren't sure what to say, try "Yes" and figure out the rest later. 

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