Leave A Few Peas In The Patch

In studying the life of John Rockefeller, he was quoted on many occasions saying "Always get up from the table a little hungry.” When I first read this, I thought he was referring to a health tip regarding his personal eating habits. My partner and mentor, Lee Wooddall, then taught me to "always leave a few peas in the patch" for the next guy.  After reflecting on this lesson on the dangers of greed, I realized that they were saying the same thing.  Here are a few thoughts on leaving the table a little hungry:


1) When selling a piece of real estate, Lee taught me to leave a few peas in the patch for the next guy. This means to make sure they are getting a good deal.  A career of this practice means you make a little less on each deal, but you create a consistent network of buyers that are eager to buy what you have to sell.  

2) When structuring a partnership or deal, make sure both sides feel as if they have given but are still excited about the deal. If it begins with one side hungry and the other full, you can bet that it will not last. 

3) Whether you are the customer or the service provider, make sure it is a win/win for both parties. This will lead to a long-term relationship built on trust. Life is so much easier when you deal with people you can trust. 


Next time you are dealing with someone, get up from the table a little hungry, leave a few peas in the patch and remember that greed will get you every time!

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