Eat Right, Not Less

Health and nutrition are becoming extremely hot topics in America today. While more and more people are becoming interested in living a healthy lifestyle, it's ironic that 1 out of 3 Americans is obese and another 1 out of 3 are overweight. This is largely due to the fact that the field of nutrition is in its infancy stage and we are just beginning to realize what is and is not making us overweight. After educating myself about several different health and nutrition plans such as Dr. Asa Andrews, Bullet Proof, Paleo and multiple others, I have found a few common principles that lead to a simple health plan:


1) If you look back at history, there has never been a society that has been so overweight. This is not because we are lazy gluttons, it is simply because our food supply has been flooded with easily digestible carbohydrates which causes heavy and constant insulin response in our bloodstream. This level of carbohydrates and insulin response, which was not available to societies in years past, is responsible for making us gain weight. We are now discovering that a diet consisting of more fats and proteins and fewer carbs is a good thing. So, the easiest way to begin a healthy lifestyle is to start weeding out the carbohydrates our bodies are not made to process.  

2) Around the same time the easily digestible carbohydrates flooded our food supply, so did processed foods that were engineered to be made cheaply and have a longer shelf life.  The two modifications that make our foods more profitable for food producers are also responsible for stripping the nutritional value out of the food and makes them harder for us to process. So, the second step is to eat foods in their natural state. Just remember, "If it stays on the shelf, it stays on yourself.”

3) The organic movement is real, but you must do your research to ensure that foods are certified organic. Organic means that the foods are free of toxic chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and other harmful substances that ARE in our food supply. Since we are what we eat, the third step is to eat high quality foods that are free from harmful substances.  


If you will notice, the simple solution outlined above does not say to eat less. Dave Asprey, founder of "Bullet Proof,” lost 100 pounds while eating 4,000 calories per day and not working out. He did this by educating himself on the right things to eat. So, as you go into 2016, remember that it's not about eating “less," it's about eating “right."

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