The Ultimate Competition

My last several blogs have been based on the theme of creating a mindset that sets you up for success and continues to raise the bar for yourself. Another way to take this theme to the next level is to view your work as a game: 

1) It's a game that can last forever with no time limit.

2) It's your ability to execute on an idea versus another's. 

3) It's your ability to subvert someone else's business vs. their ability to keep it going. 

4) It's your ability to know what they are going to do before they do. 

5) The one thing in life you can control is your effort, and it's your effort versus theirs. 

If there isn't someone else to compete with, compete with yourself. Mark Cuban calls this "kicking your own ###.” Every day you figure out a way to be better, faster, and smarter than you were the day before. My hope is that this series will add a little fuel to the fire for your work life.  Just remember that if you are going to compete, you might as well win!

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