Raise The Bar

"I think we all suffer from the tyranny of low expectations.”  

This is a quote from Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg in a recent Inc. interview. She was referring to the reaction that the rising number of females in business, entrepreneurship, and politics have received. These women are excelling in what they do, and they are becoming influential in all facets of society. I thought the reference to low expectations being a form of tyranny was a perfect correlation. What kind of positive impact would raising those expectations have on those who feel their weight? Would we see advancements and improvements in society if everyone were allowed to raise the bar for themselves without being subjected to the tyranny of low expectations? Leaders like Sheryl Sandberg are teaching us some powerful lessons about raising the bar:

1) There is absolutely no excuse for having low expectations for yourself. Don't settle for what is perceived as normal; raise the bar. 

2) Embrace any societal challenges that you face. Women are using the challenges they face to make them more prepared to lead. 

3) Be a pacesetter and inspire through example. Women like Sheryl Sandberg are paving the way and inspiring through example. 

Women everywhere are showing us that you can shatter the tyranny of low expectations by raising the bar for yourself. Three of the best local entrepreneurs that I know are April Cleek (EHR Concepts), Tonya Lanthier (Dental Post) and Amber Burckhalter (K-9 Coach). They are all serve as amazing leaders in business, and they are also leaders at home. These women are great examples of how to shatter tyranny by raising the bar.   

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