The Path Of Least Resistance

Other than being wildly successful, what do Google, Amazon, and Apple have in common?  Their strategy is based on making life's normal tasks easy for the customer. They have proven that customers will always follow the path of least resistance. Here are a few specifics on how each company makes life easy:

1) Google leapfrogged Yahoo by making it simple and easy to plug in a search and get results while Yahoo made you scan through lots of data on their home page that made searching difficult and distracting. When the consumer wanted to make a search, Google offered a simple, fast and clean option. 

2) Amazon has created a one stop shop for purchasing almost any item in the world. It is easy to find the item you want, all of your information is saved which cuts time out of the purchase, and the delivery time is unprecedented. And if that isn't enough, they also have built in intelligence that makes recommendations based on your historic purchases. 

3) Apple has created a simple and easy device that puts a phone, computer, music, video, and camera all in one device.

In today's competitive environment, making life easier might just be the differentiator you need. 

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