Play To Your Strengths

When Tiger Woods was at the top of his game, he was one of the best hitting off the tee box, but one of the worst hitting out of the rough. Being aware of his strengths and weaknesses, he took an interesting approach to practice. Instead of working on his weakness and getting better out of the rough, he focused all of his time on perfecting his shot off the tee box. Since that was his strength, he knew that his time was better spent there. Considering that a good shot off the tee would keep him out of the rough, his strategy worked well for him.  

Here are a few ways to make sure you are playing to your strengths and staying out of the rough:

1) It begins with a general awareness of your strengths and weaknesses.  A simple personality assessment is always a great place to start since we are not always the best judge of ourselves.  

2) Walk through the different parts of the business unit or group activity you are involved with and ask yourself which parts you enjoy, get excited about, excel at, or dread doing. Whether it is strategy, organization, communication, or execution, be honest with yourself and let someone else handle the areas where you don't need to be. 

3) Instead of trying to be well-rounded, be well-focused and well-positioned to be the best you can be and add the most value that you can to the team. 

Robert Herjavec said, "People believe you need to be well rounded and work on your weaknesses. That's just not true. To compete on a world class level, you need to accentuate your strengths. Focus on the things you're good at and let someone else do the rest.”  

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