How Far Can Win/Win Take You?

My team had a great meeting the other day with one of our best landscape customers. They are one of the most professional and enjoyable relationships that we have. After the meeting, I was thinking about how much easier life would be if every business relationship we had was like our relationship with this company. In an effort to replicate this, I have identified what makes this business relationship so meaningful:

1) Both sides of the business relationship have faith that the other is fair and always looking for a win/win situation. It's not a hardline negotiation to make the other company go broke… it's a mutual understanding of where the other needs to be to make the relationship work.

2) There is a mutual understanding that we are both fighting the same battles every day and the expectations are realistic. Since we both understand the challenges such as labor, weather, and tough-end users, no one flies off the handle when things go wrong. Rather, we give each other a chance to address any problems and fix them.  

3) We understand that both sides have to plan in order for each of us to be successful. Last week, we sat down and discussed plans for 2016. It's never too early to start planning.

Life in general and especially in business could be so much easier if you surround yourself with win/win relationships. The more you have, the further you will go. 

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