Entrepreneurship Re-examined

It is estimated that each day some 2,356 Americans become entrepreneurs. Together, these pioneers will open more than 500,000 businesses annually in hopes of building the next great company. Many people mistakenly think that the only way to experience entrepreneurship is to start a business. Much like the quarterback on a football team, there is often too much credit and emphasis given to the entrepreneur. Every great quarterback must also have great lineman and receivers, and every great entrepreneur must have an awesome team around him to make his idea a reality. 

To me, entrepreneurship is about a group of people working towards a shared vision. Their journey will be filled with the hardest work imaginable, constant change, the greatest amount of excitement when things go well and the greatest amount of discouragement when they don't.  There will be huge amounts of risk and low amounts of security. The odds are all against you and the only way to make it is through sheer determination and persistence. These are the characteristics of an entrepreneurial journey. 

If this sounds like a journey that you want to embark on, consider joining an entrepreneurial team. Just like you don't have to be the quarterback to enjoy football, there are ways to partake in entrepreneurship without actually being the entrepreneur. 

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