Millennials: Entitled or Disruptive?

Joel Stein, a TIME contributor, deemed millennials selfish, egotistical, and lazy. I think this illuminates a huge generational misunderstanding between many employers and their future employees. When millennials refuse to follow the rules they are called entitled. When they refuse to sit in a cubicle they are called spoiled. When they decide to work from 10-10 rather than 8-5 they are called stubborn or lazy. Does this unwillingness to accept the status quo mean they are entitled, spoiled, and lazy? Or does it mean they are a disruptive generation that is going to shake things up for the better? Here are a few reasons why I think millennials could be a disruptive bunch that we need to embrace:

1) They are passionate and purpose driven. They are not willing to sacrifice their passion for a pay check. They would rather be excited and broke than be bored and rich.  

2) They don't buy into things like office politics. They would rather bypass the corporate ladder than climb it. 

3) They will not accept things as they are if it can be done a better way. They will not settle. This will result in a massive amount of innovation in the coming years. 

With every new generation there will be differences. You can either embrace them for their strengths or criticize them for their differences. As for the millennials, I am planning to embrace them in order to create disruptive innovations. If you plan to criticize them, you better wear a helmet.   

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