Where Is The Next Leader?

Are leaders born or made? Your answer to this question depends on whether you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. The fixed mindset says you are either born a leader or you are not. On the contrary, the growth mindset says you are what you make yourself through application and experience. The growth mindset says that anyone can develop the habits of a leader. If you are interested in developing yourself as a leader, I highly recommend  that you read Pat Williams book "21 Great Leaders.” In his book, Williams defines leadership in the following ways:

1) Leadership is the ability to achieve difficult, challenging goals through other people. 

2) Leadership is inspiring people to achieve what they want to achieve but could never achieve without the influence of an inspiring and guiding individual. 

3) Leadership can be learned. Leadership ability, including the elusive quality of “charisma," can be studied and practiced. 

We all have leadership opportunities and responsibilities. These could be in your home, your profession, your community, your religious life, or your neighborhood. If you are wondering where the next leader is, it's you!  

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