Don't Poison My Well

Walt Disney once said that there are three types of people in the world: life enrichers, lawn mowers and well poisoners.  

Life Enrichers are people dedicated to enriching the lives of others. They believe in the abundance mentality. Since there is plenty of pie to go around, they take joy in the successes of others and are quick to encourage. They believe that doing good always comes full circle.  

Lawn Mowers are people that take care of themselves. They go to work, pay their bills, pay their taxes, but never really venture over the fence. They are looking out for their needs and best interests.  

Well Poisoners are people that try to build themselves up by tearing others down. They will try to discourage others from achieving their dreams because it makes them feel worse about themselves. 

Walt was one of the biggest dreamers in history. He was attacked early in his career by a well poisoner that stole his very first successful cartoon character. On the train ride home from being betrayed, he birthed the idea for Mickey Mouse and the rest is history. Walt's desire to enrich the lives of others through stories and experiences has brought an immeasurable amount of joy and happiness to the world. You get to choose which type of person you will be in life. Let’s all choose to be life enrichers like Walt!


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