Finish Strong

I heard a wonderful sermon the other day that discussed what kind of person you want to be when your final day arrives. In the message, the pastor compared how King David and King Saul ended their lives. While both made some pretty terrible mistakes, David finished strong and made his best days his last. Unfortunately we can’t say the same for Saul. Here are ten ways you can finish strong and make your final days your best days no matter when the time comes:

1)      Put yourself under Holy Scripture

2)      Be accountable to reliable people

3)      Be squeaky clean with your finances and tithing

4)      Maintain sexual purity in thought and in action

5)      Come to terms with jealousy

6)      Be willing to give the credit to someone else

7)      Always keep your word and DWSGD (Do What You Say You’re Going To Do)

8)      Live in total forgiveness

9)      Be a thankful person

10)   Maintain a strong personal prayer life

When I think about finishing strong, I think about the palm tree. It is the only tree that bears more fruit the older it gets. Its last day is its most fruitful day. Let’s be like the palm tree and live such that no matter when our last day is, it will be our best day!

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