"Be, Do, Hit" Your Next Goal

A recent poll shows that 92% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Similarly, it is estimated that approximately 70% of business initiatives fail to hit the pre-specified goals. Why is it that goals and resolutions are so hard to achieve? It is because the focus is misplaced on the goal or the result. The focus instead needs to be placed on who you are going to “Be,” which dictates what you “Do," which drives whether or not you "Hit" your goals. If you focus on the goal without addressing the first two steps in the process you will miss every time. Let's walk through the "Be, Do, Hit" process…

Let's say losing weight was your New Year’s resolution. Being healthy must first be something that you value. If you decide that you want to "Be" healthy, then you will "Do" healthy activities and cut out non-healthy activities. If you continually "Do" healthy activities, you will inevitably "Hit" your goal of losing weight without even having to think about it. The alternative is to set a goal of losing ten pounds and then not intentionally being healthy or doing healthy activities. You will then hang your head each day when you weigh yourself.  

Now let's look at a business initiative with a goal of growing the business by ten percent. The first step is to make sure that your core values, which define who you are going to “Be," are aligned with the initiative. Then once your core values are aligned, agree and commit to the things that you are going to "Do" through out the goal time period. If you stay committed to the "Be" and the "Do", you will "Hit" your growth goal without having to focus on it. 

Although it seems extremely simple, it is usually the simple things that work. So next time you think about setting a goal or a New Year’s resolution, follow the "Be, Do, Hit" process and see if you can make it into the exclusive 8% category. 

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