"I'm Wrong" and "I'm Sorry"

The two phrases "I'm Wrong" and "I'm Sorry" might be the two most underused phrases in the history of mankind. There is something about human nature that makes it incredibly difficult to admit that one is wrong. Then again, most people never have a chance to say "I'm sorry" because they never admit they were wrong in the first place. Rich Devos, who is the founder of Amway, wrote a wonderful book called Ten Powerful Phrases For Positive People. In the book, these ranked as the top two most powerful phrases one can use. In reading this book, I gathered a few things about how to become a person who can admit they are wrong:

1) Being able to admit you are wrong puts you in a position to learn from your mistakes. If you never mess up then you will never learn.

2) Being able to admit you are wrong and then taking the next step in apologizing shows vulnerability, which helps to build trust. Since trust is a key component for building strong relationships, your interactions with others will become more fulfilling.

3) Being able to admit you are wrong forces you to admit that you are not perfect. What a relief!  It is easier to live with yourself when it is okay to make a mistake. 

Although none of us will ever fully overcome the desire to be “right," intentionally adopting Rich's two powerful phrases is a great place to start!

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