Be A Pacesetter

I learned an interesting lesson at CrossFit the other day. I got to my workout a little early and was able to watch the previous group complete there WOD (Workout Of The Day — In CrossFit, everyone does the same workout each day, just at different times). The six to eight people in that group all finished the workout between twelve and fifteen minutes. When they were done, my group rolled in for the next time slot. Once we got started, we had a particularly energetic person (not me) who quickly set the pace for our group. He completed the WOD in about nine minutes, and everyone else was close behind him finishing between nine and twelve minutes. Even though I brought up the caboose for my group, I was amazed that the pacesetter was able to pull each person across the finish line faster than the leader of the previous group.

When I think about being a pacesetter, Grant Frerking comes to mind. Grant is a sixteen-year-old sophomore from Wesleyan High School who has recently started a business. He is an installation subcontractor for Swift Straw and will be installing pine straw and mulch at many of our residential customers’ homes. Because of his leadership, he has the majority of the student body and faculty at Wesleyan moving at a faster pace than they would be without him. He already has multiple crews which has created job opportunities for his fellow students. Grant, thank you for being a pacesetter. If there was a way to buy stock in you, I would go all in!

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