Obstacles Prepare For Greatness

Nothing great happens overnight, which means that you have to make a little bit of progress each day. The problem is that each day brings many small obstacles that can distract and discourage you. I’m sure that every opportunity has its own set of challenges, but sometimes it seems that revolutionizing the pine straw industry has more than its proportionate share: labor shortages, bad weather, equipment break downs, the list goes on…

When I think about the obstacles we face at Swift Straw each day, I remind myself of these three principles to avoid getting discouraged:

1) Achieving greatness is much like climbing to the top of Mount Everest. If you were to be dropped off at the top, you would not be able to survive because your lungs and body would not be acclimated to the altitude. It requires a slow climb, with each step and each obstacle preparing you and your body for the top. 

2) Every failure is a learning experience that is preparing you for something greater.  Never allow a small failure to discourage you from taking the next step.  

3) On a day-to-day basis, we have to live in the weeds…but don't ever get stuck in them! Stay focused on your purpose and your vision for greatness. 

One person committed to something great is powerful, but a team of people committed to greatness can move mountains. Let's embrace the obstacles that we face so that we can one day look down from the top and smile!

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