The Characteristics of a Great Team Member

During one of our recent weekly meetings, several members for the Swift Straw team continuously brought up the name of Joseph Arnold. Joseph is our Birmingham service manager, and everyone who mentioned him agreed that he was great to work with and truly exemplified all of our core values. We all laughed about our desire to clone him and make ten more Josephs.  Since that is not a likely possibility in the near future, I decided to put some thought into what makes Joseph such a great team member so that we can attempt to hire more individuals like him.

1) Joseph has a positive attitude which makes him fun and easy to work with.

2) He always does what he says he is going to do with no follow-up required.

3) He takes complete ownership of everything he is responsible for...including problems when they arise.  

4) He finds solutions to problems, not problems with your solutions.

5) He does an exemplary job every day because that is who he is as a person, not because of a comp package

I know that we can all learn a few tips from Joseph on how to be a better team member, and I look forward to working with him (and hopefully others like him) in the future. 

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