A Leader Must First Be A Servant

Servant leadership is a philosophy that we have tried to build into Swift Straw’s company culture. Like most things, it has taken time and persistence to truly develop this skill and see it applied in the everyday activities of our business. But, the attempt has truly paid off, and I am so proud to have witnessed our team exhibit servant leadership through a variety of actions:

1) Our President spent a whole week in the field working hand-in-hand with our delivery guys due to extremely high sales volumes.

2) One of our Atlanta managers bought lunch for one of our truck drivers who went above and beyond what was asked of him.

3) A member of our leadership team woke up extra early to take breakfast to our crews to show his appreciation for their hard work.

4) One team member brought the office spring flowers. 

The best part about all of these acts of service is that each individual took the initiative themselves without being prompted. The most effective leaders are servant leaders, and I am proud that our people have made this a natural part of our culture. 

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