The 3 Secrets To Customer Service :: Differentiate, Communicate, Apologize

Customer service is an integral part of any business. I am always amazed by how much business we ‘steal’ from competitors who just don’t understand good customer service practices. Here are a few things we do at Swift Straw to consistently "WOW" our customers:

1) Exceed expectations by being different than our competitors. If we continuously surprise our customers in a good way, they will always come back for more. 

2) Communicate, communicate, and then communicate some more. Even when the news is no news, we let our customers know that we may not have an answer at the moment, but that we are working on getting them one. 

3) When we screw up, we don't try defend ourselves. When we're defensive they will be defensive. But, if we apologize, this shows sincerity and usually triggers a sympathetic response. 

One of our biggest beliefs at Swift Straw is that if you always take care of your customers…they will always take care of you. 

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