Preparing Beats Repairing

The Spring Rush is here!  Remember that preparing beats repairing.

"It's better to build a fence at the edge of the cliff than to build a hospital at the bottom." 

I always laugh when I hear people say they are too busy to plan.  Making the time to plan will greatly benefit you whether you are building a business or simply making plans to create results in some area of your life.  Many industries, such as the green industry, are extremely seasonal. The peaks and valleys created by seasonality make it absolutely crucial to prepare months in advance in order to be successful. Here are a few ways you can prepare without having to repair:

1) Everyone involved has to work together in the planning process.  This includes your team, your vendors, your suppliers and even your customer.  One last minute "fire drill" request from a customer can create a detrimental ripple effect to many parties downstream.

2) Planning requires education.  Make sure that everyone involved, including your customer, understands the "why" of your planning.

3) When the peak season arrives, focus on communication and managing expectations.  When things go wrong…apologize, fix the problem, and move on.

Although this principle applies to all facets of life, I believe that the Green Industry can especially benefit from Preparing versus Repairing.

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