Do You Have Reliable Service Providers on Your Bus?

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins defines one of the primary traits of successful businesses as having "the right people on the bus." While this is extremely important for your employees and team members, it is also crucial to make sure you have the right service providers such as vendors, contractors, attorneys, accountants, etc.  Here are a few questions to consider when analyzing potential service providers for your business:

1) Are they professional enough to plan expectations so that there are never any surprises?

2) Do you have to manage them?

3) Do they always do what they say they are going to do?

4) Are they excellent communicators?

5) Would you enthusiastically re-hire them?

In order to build a successful business, you need to make sure you have the right service providers on your bus. It can be the difference between building a GOOD business versus a GREAT one. 

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