Culture Trumps Strategy

One of my favorite mentors, Jim Balkcom, once told me that "Culture trumps strategy.”  This is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received as a business leader. I had the privilege of joining the Russell Landscape Annual Meeting this past Friday. They are a great example of a company that is focused on building a strong culture.  I believe that when you get the culture right, everything else will usually work out.  Here are a few cultural items to consider for your own business:

1. Have you established core values that define your company’s unique identity and help to guide your actions on a daily basis?

2. Do you have one overarching mission or purpose that defines "why" you exist?

3. Are you making time (at least on a quarterly basis) to bring everyone together to discuss your culture?

Even if your company is extremely dynamic, the three questions above are a great way to place focus and further define your company’s culture.  If you are interested in learning more about company culture I highly recommend that you read Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan, John King and Halee Fischer-Wright and Delivering Happiness by Tony Hseih.

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