Why Is Everyone Going Green?

Why did Michael Dell, the founder of Dell computers, “Go Green” by buying into Valley Crest?  Why are world renowned Private Equity groups such as KKR entering the Green Industry and betting big on ventures such as BrightView?  Below are a few facts that are fueling the movement:

The Green Industry is massive and it continues to grow

In 2015, the Green Industry will reach an estimated $80 Billion in revenue and employ close to one million people.

Macroeconomic growth creates Green Industry opportunities as well as recurring revenue

Every new developed property requires that land be cleared, new landscaping be installed, and then regularly maintained for years to come.

Americans love their yards and landscape

A recent poll shows that 81% of Americans that have a yard/landscape say that it is an important component of the overall look of their home.

The Green Industry is massive. It is growing and it is full of opportunity for those who are ready to seize it.  These are exciting times to be in the Green Industry, so don’t be surprised in the coming months to see more big-name corporations and private equity “Going Green”.

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