A Hero's Paradigm

A paradigm is a mental setting. It is the context inside your mind in which you think, feel, and live. Our individual paradigms explain how five different people can look at the same picture and see something completely different. This explains why those with an entrepreneurial paradigm can look at something that most people view as a problem and instead see it as an opportunity.

I have been extremely fortunate to be mentored by Cam Lanier, one of my long time heroes. Over the course of Cam's career he has been a part of building numerous companies that have created billions of dollars in value and thousands of jobs for those within his circle of influence. As I am facing many opportunities of my own, I will many times stop and ask myself, "How would Cam look at this opportunity?"

One thing I have observed is that his paradigm allows him to think on an extremely large scale when looking at an opportunity. Even if he is looking at the same thing as someone else, he sees something much larger. This has taught me that it's not the opportunity that is either big or small, but rather it’s the way you see it and what you make of it. I encourage you to follow Cam's example, and constantly strive to shift your paradigm to see something larger when faced with an opportunity and to raise the bar for what you believe is possible. You might just surprise yourself with what you can create. 

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