A Christmas Celebration

It's not what we have in life, but rather what we enjoy that constitutes our abundance. Regardless of one’s material wealth, I believe that our abundance should be measured by how much we enjoy life. Two thoughts come to mind when I think about how we should truly enjoy this Christmas. 

First, make sure to celebrate.  Aside from all of the food and gifts, celebrate the fact that we have an awesome Heavenly Father that wants to have an eternal relationship with us. Celebrate the fact that the eternal relationship he has offered is a gift that can be received through faith in Christ. All of the other things seem quite small when you can celebrate an eternal victory. 

Second, commit to make this a stress-free Christmas. Grab a bucket of chicken or a pizza at Publix if cooking a meal creates stress. Forget about who is supposed to be where and what time the party starts and just enjoy the people you have when you have them. If you forgot to get someone a gift, give them a hug, a smile, and a good attitude. 

I hope everyone will make this Christmas an enjoyable stress-free celebration. Cheers!

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