The Key

This past Monday, I headed to Birmingham along with a few members of our leadership team for a "pick up a broom" session. We all suited up in jeans and boots and joined our Birmingham team for the 2016 inventory kick off. The end result of our day is that six of us successfully offloaded and packaged over 75,000 pounds of rolled pine straw. We started early and wrapped up in the car lights after dark before the drive back. All of this hard work is one extremely small step towards ensuring that we have plenty of material on hand for our customers next year.  

After reflecting on how unbelievable it is to have a team of people willing to package 75,000 pounds of pine straw in a single day, it made me think of a symbol that technology titan John Imlay used to represent the values of his company. It was simply a key, and he used it to remind everyone that good people are the key to success. Here are a few thoughts on why good people are the key:

1) Good people with a strong value system are trustworthy. It is so much more fun and fulfilling when you fully trust the people you work with. 

2) Good people that are smart and hard working push each other. They create a culture of inspiration that everyone can feed off of.  

3) Good people are more focused on the team than themselves. This brings out the best in people and creates synergistic results that are so much greater than the individual parts.  

My biggest takeaway from Monday is that anything is possible with the right people on the bus.  Without the right ones, it would be like trying to start the bus without the key. 

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