Science For God?

Eric Mataxas, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, recently wrote an article titled "Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God.”  The politically correct or "PC" movement has made mentioning God almost impossible and uncomfortable. Considering that this story became one of the most widely shared stories in the WSJ’s history, I would say that the "PC" movement is not necessarily the view of the majority, but rather an agenda for a loud minority. I was fortunate to hear Eric speak this past week and wanted to share a few of my takeaways…

1) The scientific probability of the universe and how our earth fits perfectly into it is statistically impossible. Therefore the likelihood of a creator requires less faith than believing that all of this randomly happened. 

2) The same creator that made the universe and life on Earth knows each of us better than we know ourselves and he wants to have a relationship with us. If we choose truth and ask him to open our spiritual eyes, he will guide us down a path that will bless us beyond our wildest dreams. 

3) There is a lot of spin and "PC" noise out there, but it is not the view of the majority of our society. There is a quiet majority out there that believes in God and chooses the truth.  

Thank God for people like Eric that are bold enough to choose truth and stand up to the loud minority. Click here to read his article. I hope you enjoy! 

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