Compound Your Success

The abundance mentality is the belief that there is plenty of pie to go around for everyone that is deserving. Although those with the scarcity mentality might disagree, those who help each other and root for others actually increase their likelihood of success. Here are a few thoughts on why this principle holds true:

1) There is not a finite amount of success or prosperity that exists.  Success compounds as people push each other and create mutually beneficial relationships and initiatives.

2) One of my greatest mentors, Smith Lanier, once told me, "The more people you help on the way up, the more people you will have on your side when you need them."

3) When you view the success of others as a victory, it creates opportunities for everyone to celebrate.

My great friend and fellow entrepreneur, TJ Callaway, has realized a tremendous amount of success with his company, "Onward Reserve."  I hope that you will share in celebrating his success and compounding positive impact. Cheers TJ!

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