Illuminate Your Problems

Problems are like mushrooms; if you keep them in the dark, they multiply. Many times in my life, I have tried to ignore problems because I did not want to deal with them at that time. In every case, this has proven to be ineffective because the problem never goes away. In fact, it gets worse, making it necessary to deal with. Here are a few reasons we should keep our problems out of the dark:

1) Much like everything else that goes into the fish bowl, when you illuminate a problem quickly while it's small, it tends to dissipate. If you ignore it and keep it in the dark, it will grow into something that you will not want to deal with later. 

2) With relational problems, I have found that it works much better to quickly acknowledge that there is something to work through and hear the other person’s perspective. As Stephen Covey says, "Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Once you have each exchanged your perspective, a win/win solution is soon to follow.  

3) Problems are not typically as scary as they might initially seem. Make a habit of overcoming the fear to address them. 

Dealing with problems is like keeping a clean garage. If you address each item as it comes up, it will stay neat and clean. If you ignore it and keep it in the dark, it will grow and become a monster that you won't want to deal with. Begin with awareness and then make a habit of illuminating your problems before they have a chance to grow. 

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