Taking Things Offsite

This week we had a company offsite meeting to realign and refocus on our mission and values as well as layout our initiatives for our fourth quarter. Each quarter, our offsites seem to get better and better, and this meeting was no exception. After reflecting on our most recent offsite, I have some thoughts on why it’s so important to take your company offsite every once and a while. 

1) It is so important that everyone on the team knows what the overarching mission of the company is. It is also crucial that each person knows how important their specific roles and responsibilities are.  

2) Although the long term mission is important, it is equally important to create short term goals or initiative that serve as stepping stones. A huge success is the culmination of all the small incremental improvements stacked on top of each other. 

3) Although we will all be working together on each initiative, it is extremely effective to assign a specific owner to each one. This provides accountability and removes any chance of playing hot potato.  

4) Full company alignment creates one powerful cohesive unit. Once everyone is aligned and moving together, anything is possible.  


After our offsite we all went bowling and had a blast! I am so thankful to be able to serve such an awesome team and I look forward to watching them move a few mountains in Q4. There is nothing more powerful for creating a healthy team than taking things offsite. 

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